21 December 2020

Your Local Business Website: Guide to Getting Started

Your local business’ website is an important key to weathering the global pandemic with an online presence. With government-ordered lockdowns and physical limitations in place, it […]
8 December 2020
Support Small Business

Why Your Local Business Needs a Website in the COVID-19 Era

Now more than ever, your local business needs a website. COVID-19 has changed the way people interact with businesses, and the quarantine and lockdown measures that […]
2 September 2020
Responsive Web Design

The Importance of Having a Responsive Website

When creating a website, it’s important to think of your audience and what way they’ll be connecting with you: will they glean information from your site […]
10 July 2020
Google Analytics Graphs

Benefits of Google Analytics

Google Analytics is free software offered through Google that allows you to set-up and track your online performance through different variables. From analyzing the traffic you […]
1 May 2020
Search Engine Optimization

SEO Explained

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, which is the process of improving your visibility and traffic to your website in search engines (Google & Bing) search […]